Personalized Necklace Review | Winter 2018

Spring is near!

Hello, Everyone!

Has anyone else had the weirdest weather for the past week? It has dipped down to temperatures that leave my windshield iced-over…and I thought Spring was around the corner!! I am hoping for a change in temperature, cause this girl is ready for some warmer weather.

Anyway…..I wanted to share a classy and dainty necklace I have been wearing these past couple weeks. It is a personalized name necklace by Ineffabless. Ineffabless sells personalized jewelry–from name necklaces to cute charm bracelets.


I ordered the silver name necklace with a delicate cursive font. I was nervous as to how big the letters would be and what the necklace would look like in-person. However, I am very pleased with my necklace. The cursive font is very elegant and clean, and the necklace came in a cute sparkly back box (which is always a PLUS 🙂 ).


I have been wearing this necklace for the past week and  have received so many compliments. It is a well made piece of jewelry that is eye-catching and great for all occasions.  I would have liked to make the necklace chain shorter, but other than that small personal preference this necklace has turned into one of my everyday pieces. It is great  for layering necklaces and can be dressed up or down. Overall, I am very happy with the necklace and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a name necklace similar to this one!DSC_0704-2

I hope you all enjoyed this little chat! If you are wearing this or something similar please tag me on social media–I would love to see it!

Have a good week, and I will talk to you all next week!

All the Best,







The necklace in this post was sent to me by Ineffabless. It is important to note that the post is not paid for by Ineffabless. My review and thoughts are my own–I really do like this necklace  🙂

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