September Favorites | 2017

Sweater weather is coming!!

Hello Everyone!

September is days away from being over. Time flies! I won’t lie, I am very happy with time flying (or at least for the next couple months). I am graduating from university this December and I cannot wait to finally put school behind me. But on the other hand, this is my favorite time of year so I would like to stop and smell the pumpkin spice. I have been Pinning so many festive things that I am ready to jump into Autumn!  Anyways, here are a couple of items I have been enjoying this month. ❤

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I have been in love with Pacifica Beauty’s perfume range. Right now I have been using Island Vanilla. It is a small bottle, however a couple spritz will last the entire day. I would put it on in the morning and by the afternoon people would be asking what scent I was wearing! It’s an amazing product that is both vegan and cruelty-free. Pacifica has a wide selection of perfumes, I would definitely recommend picking one up. I know that you can find them (in the US) at Whole Food, Target, and Ulta Beauty.

Another Pacifica Beauty favorite, that I have been in love with since February is the Stellar Gaze Mascara in the color Supernova (which is a jet black color). I absolutely LOVE it! It is easy to apply and is a buildable product. I like to describe this mascara as a your-lashes-but-better product. I have had people ask me if I was wearing false-lashes when I apply this mascara. Not only does it look great, it feels good too. The formula is the perfect consistency; vitamin B and coconut oil helps lengthen and strengthen your lashes. So, not only does it look fabulous, it is actually helping your lashes at the same time. It is another great Pacifica product that is also vegan and cruelty-free!

Last in the beauty department is the Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant. OMG, this actually works! I cannot tell you my struggle of finding a natural, cruelty-free deodorant that actually works. I have tried ones that made me smell worse, or ones that gave me a rash. This one is my holy grail of deodorants. It goes on clear and last all day, I would suggest a re-application before strenuous activity but honestly it is incredible. It comes in many scents but the Target that I go to only has two:  Lavender + Sage and Bergamot + Lime. The Bergamot + Lime is definitely my favorite but I still enjoy using the lavender one. I was so shocked that I found a natural deodorant that actually works, so if any of you out there relate to this, I have finally found a solution!!


Last in my September favorites is this adorable baby-pink “hello gorgeous” mug I bought from Target. I was in the mug isle with my cousin, trying to convince her to buy a mug. Low and behold, I was at the checkout line with a mug of my own. #targetstruggles, am I right?! This mug is great for all warm and cold drinks. It is perfect size and the handle is big enough to wrap your hands around the mug. All in all, it’s a super cute mug that looks fabulous in pictures, what more could you ask for?! 🙂

I hope you all try out some of the things I have been loving! If you have been loving something please leave a comment, I would love to try new products! Have an amazing rest of your week, and rest of your September, talk to you all in October!

All the Best,



photos are taken by @cupofteaforthought

4 thoughts on “September Favorites | 2017

  1. – this is my first time visiting your blog and oh my gosh i am absolutely in love with how natural , raw and positive you are ! Stay slaying and rising in optimism !

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