DIY + up-cycled succulent planters & Back to School | August 2017

Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? Absolutely

Hello, Everyone!

It is that time of year, again. The time of year when Target stores clear out a section of their stores for school supplies, and summer is only found in our camera rolls and rearview mirrors. Sounds sad and exciting all at once, and quite frankly it is. Personally, school has never been the highlight of my year. I want to get a degree, but I don’t necessary enjoy school. However, this year is different. I am inching closer to graduation as each week passes. It is an exciting feeling, but I can’t get too excited (at least not yet 🙂 ). However, I am excited that I don’t have class on Friday so my weekend starts on Thursday afternoon 🙂 woot woot!

Going back to school after summer vacation is like having a clean slate. It is always nice to get a new bag, some fancy folders, and maybe even a couple pencils or two. For me, the decoration of a new apartment or even my bedroom at home is a back-to-school tradition. And, what better way to decorate than with plants and planters. A week or two ago, my friend Jasmeet and I decided to make little planters we could use for our rooms and apartments.

Jasmeet was able to find a super cute glass star planter from the dollar store, while I decided to up-cycle a tea tin that I had lying around at home. (up-cycling is when you  use an item, like a tea tin, and put it to use for a different purpose. For example, I could use the tea tin to store jewelry etc.)



These planters are super easy to assemble:

Just buy couple of plants you want in the planter and have some extra soil on hand. Use small rocks at the bottom of the planters that don’t have a hole at the bottom, just in case you end up overwatering (been there, done that). Take the plants out of their plastic pots and loosen the soil and roots with your hands. Place into the new or up-cycled planter/pot and add soil to fill the container. You can, also, add some rocks at the top for decoration. Lastly, water your plant and…. voila! It is super easy and simple. You can do it with kids or you can do it with your adult friends!



I named my three little plants: Olivier (light green succulent), Bartholomew (cactus), and Nathaniel (darker green succulent). Am I crazy for doing this? Maybe, but studies have shown that plants have positive reactions when their caregivers show affection by talking to them. So, yes, I do exchange a few words with them. I will keep y’all updated on the well being of my little green children.




I hope you all enjoyed this DIY and my back-to-school realization. I will talk to you all next week! Have a good weekend (mine starts today 😉 )!

All the Best,



All photos are originals @cupofteaforthought

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