Cooking with Friends | Pinterest Recipes

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child

Hello Everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I am always scrolling through Pinterest  looking at recipes and pinning things I would love to eat. However, aside from my pinning adventures I never seem to make all the recipes I save. So, my friend Mariya (who also has a blog that you should check out: Sincerely, Mariya) and I decided to have a cooking day where we would finally try out some vegan recipes that we have been craving. I decided to document this adventure because it was an absolute blast being able to cook with my good friend. Mariya and I chose four recipes to test out and share with you all:


We found that our favorite recipe was the Vegan Caprese Pizza. It was so flavorful and creamy. We made the vegan cashew cheese from scratch: it was simple and delicious, definitely something I will be adding to my recipe book. We used Trader Joe’s herb pizza dough which really added some more depth and flavor to the caprese pizza. I just couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted. My sister, who loves her cheese, was also quite shocked at the creaminess of the faux cheese.


Next was the vegan spinach dip…and OH MY GOODNESS!! I was, and am, in love with this recipe! The only change I would make is to add more salt and take out the water chestnuts (only because I don’t like water chestnuts). Other than that, this is something I can’t wait to make again. The dip is very versatile: you can make a faux grilled cheese with it or use it as a sandwich spread. I am making dinner tonight and I decided to use this dip as a vegan grilled cheese filling along side a vegan tomato soup! I am super excited to see how that turns out 🙂


Following that was the vegan fudgesicles! They turned out to be so creamy and rich. The interesting thing we discovered about this recipe is that instead of freezing the mixture, you could pop it in the fridge for an hour or so and serve it as a pudding. Either way this recipe is absolutely delicious!


Last were the tofu skewers. We enjoyed the marinade but felt that the only way to make these is on the grill. Unfortunately, I don’t have a grill at home so we tried to bake them, which did not make them as crispy as we had hoped. Despite that, it still is a great recipe to try out if you have a grill.

Cooking with Mariya was super fun and I can’t wait to do it again! So, if you are like me and pin all your cravings, find a friend that loves food as much as you do and browse your pins. Cooking with friends is rewarding in so many ways! I can’t wait for our next one…maybe a festive Christmas/Thanksgiving theme?! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this post about our vegan food adventures! I would recommend these recipes, they are all so delicious and 100% worth trying! Let me know what you think about these recipes, or share any recipes that you love 🙂 I am excited to try more!!

Here are the recipe links: Vegan Fudgesicles | Vegan Caprese Pizza | Vegan Spinach Dip | Vegan Tofu Skewers

Talk to you all next week!

All the Best,



All photos are @cupofteaforthought originals.

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