Vegan Pancakes |Pinterest Treasures| May 2017

Brunch time is the best time.

Hello, Everyone!

It has been a long time since I have been on the blog! I missed it so much, but I was caught in the middle of finals and moving apartments…but now I am back!

Summer is not quite here for me. 😦  I am starting week 2 of a 6-week summer school session, so I am enjoying my weekends at home but still not quite in the summer break zone.

Anyways, a month ago I discovered the most amazing Vegan Pancake recipe on Pinterest. (Also, if you have a Pinterest, follow me @gurtejkm)

Here is the link to the original recipe from Ceara’s Kitchen:

The only minor changes I made to the recipe were to either half the amount of sugar, or eliminate it all together. I know that sounds like the pancakes would not be sweet, but surprisingly it still has an amazing flavor. Another thing I did was I just used all-purpose instead of the blend of all purpose and pastry flour.

If you want to really kick it up a notch, add some vegan chocolate chips to the pancakes. It really adds extra flavor and creamy-ness to the pancake, perfect as a dessert as well.


The amazing thing about this recipe is that it is super easy to make and you can’t taste the baking powder. Often times, vegan pancakes never become as fluffy as these do and they end up having a weird baking powder after-taste. These don’t! They are absolutely amazing and fluffy. It is perfect for any Vegan or non-vegan…. who said you had to be vegan to enjoy these brunch must-haves?!


Summer is the perfect time for brunch, so pull out the cute plates and the tea sets because this pancake will make your brunch-time tastebuds go crazy! I am so excited for you all to try this recipe from Ceara’s Kitchen.


If you make these at home, tag  me on Instagram (@cupofteaforthought)! I would love to see all the different variations y’all use to make these brunch items summer-ready! Have an amazing day, and happy brunching! 🙂

All the Best,



This post is not sponsored.

(All photos are original photographed by @cupofteaforthought on a Nikon D3400, 18-55mm lens)

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