OOTD | Sophisticated Casual |February 2017

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

Hello, Everyone!!

This weekend I went to conference.  It wasn’t one of those black-tie only, completely formal conferences.  It was a casual, yet professional, conference. But, mixing casual and professional can be a bit tricky. It can make you stare for hours at your wardrobe, wondering whether that combination does exist, or wondering if the outfit you  chose is too casual or too formal.

That is when I started using my famous phrase of “sophisticated casual”; it is the kind of outfit that you can wear out to dinner, but still wear to school. My cousin makes fun of this word because it isn’t really a category of dress, but I like to think that it is.

So the main things to have in your closet to create one  of these outfits is  black jeans or pants and some fancy looking shoes. The top and cardigan can be more casual but once it is paired with the right pants and shoes, your outfit will look a lot more sophisticated and conference ready. And if you wanted to primp up your outfit even more, just choose a fancier top (and maybe say no to the denim jacket? I don’t know…it is allllll up to you).

(link for everything I am wearing will be at the bottom) 🙂








Outfit Links (or something similar):

Top  (similar)

Denim Jacket (similar)

Black Cardigan (similar)

Corduroy Jeans


Purse (similar)

Earrings (similar)

Necklace (similar)

I hope you all enjoyed this introduction into my “sophisticated casual” wardrobe. I love these kinds of posts, so hopefully there will be more to come! If you have any suggestions for a post please comment down below, and I will see you all next week!!!

All the Best,



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