How to be organized | January 2017

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Hello, Everyone!

I have been a list-maker for as along as I can remember. I would plan my travel outfits, make to do lists, and color code anything I could get my highlighters on to. It is fair to say that I have a minor obsession with this list-making hobby. However, as silly as some people may find it, it has helped me in more ways than I can count.


I can proudly say that with these levels of organization I have been able to take any procrastination out of my life. Many people are turned off by planners and bullet journal because there is a misconception that it takes a lot of time to complete. Here are 4 tips to help get your life organized:

  1. Get a Planner or a Bullet Journal
    • Planners and journals can be found at any store and are relatively cheap, depending on how fancy of an organizer you want. I would also suggest to find a planner that has both a daily section and a monthly section. With those two options you can plan ahead while also being detailed about the daily schedule. I usually spend around $10-$15 on a planner because in that price range you can find a sturdy and pretty looking planner (I’m not going to lie, prettiness matters 🙂 ). I find that Target is the best place to purchase a planner, especially the SugarPaper range!!
    • However, if you are willing to spend more on a planner then I would suggest the Erin Condren planners. You can customize and beautify your own planner and it is far more detailed than any store-bought planners.
    • You can start out by keeping to do lists for everyday, or if you are a student you can start by logging your assignments and their due dates.  Even simply jotting down birthdays and important events is a great start.
    • Bullet journals can be bought for the specific purpose of a bullet journal, but you can also just buy a cute journal that is handy. With bullet journals you can list things about the present time: have to do lists, homework lists, grocery lists, goals for the day or even meal planning.


  1. Use Color
    • By breaking up your journal or planner with colored pens or highlighters, the list of things to do or assignments to complete can be broken down by priority. So if your day takes an unexpected turn for the worst, you can focus on what needs to be taken care of today and leave the rest for tomorrow.
    • Not only will it help prioritize, it won’t be as intimidating to glance at a huge list. And each time you cross an item of the list, you can feel more relieved and less stressed about the day.
  2. Use Post-Its
    • If you are like me and have a to do list that is applicable for the whole week, use sticky notes.
    • Sticky notes are an awesome way to create “mobile lists”; you can move the list down as each day moves forward, adding new items or crossing out items that are finished.
    • The handy thing with Post-Its is that you can peel a chunk from the larger stack and stick it to the inside cover of your planner, so no matter where you go you start a mobile list or even just to have some extra paper on hand.
  3. Spend 10-15 minutes Organizing Your Life
    • Every evening, after coming back from a day of work or school I open my planner and organize my life for the night and the next day.
    • Whether color-coding or prioritizing, sitting down and taking time to reflect on what needs to be down will allow you to relieve unwanted stress and take a realistic look at what needs to be done for the day.
    • I find that this also helps me get a good night’s sleep because I am able to confidently know what the next day has in store and wake up feeling motivated to complete those tasks.


I hope these 4 tips and tricks were helpful to anyone who is interested in taking a new and organized approach in 2017. Let me know if you have any tips and tricks that are helpful to you! Have a great weekend, and I will talk to you all next week!! 🙂

All the Best,



* Featured in my Photos:

Planner – Target (similar, but better)

Journal – Target (other journals)

Pencil Pouch (actually a make-up brush pouch) – Vera Bradley (similar)

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