the Blogging Adventure| Blogmas Day 23 | 2016

a picture is worth a thousand words…

Hello, Everyone!

It is the 23rd!! It is crazy how fast time flies…

I remember starting this blog back in October. I was excited, yet nervous, to begin this adventure.

Now, it is a reality and I could not be happier.

The amazing thing about starting this blog is that I have rediscovered certain hobbies that had been washed away over the years. One of these hobbies is photography; I forgot how much fun it was to take pictures and how much I loved it. It is funny how finding new ventures, like this blog, unearthed some old passions of mine.

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Outfit: Peacoat – Old Navy — Backpack Purse – Forever21 — Turtle Neck – h&m


As a part of the challenge to make it a December to Remember, I encourage you  all to find that old pastime and make it a current activity; rediscover the pleasures and happiness in that hobby, as you once did before. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday  and I will talk to you all  tomorrow for the last Blogmas post of 2016, Blogmas day 24!

All the Best,



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