Orly Color AMP’D | Blogmas Day 13 | 2016

Be your own kind of beautiful.

Hello, Everyone!

This summer I was browsing the nail aisle at Target and came across the Orly section. Now, if you did not know, Orly is a great brand for nail polish because their polishes are free of certain chemicals/formaldehyde and they don’t test on animals.

The Orly collection that was available at Target was nothing that I had heard of before, it was called Orly AMP’D. It is supposed to “wear like gel” and “remove like polish”. This was very intriguing to me because I get frustrated with chipped polish.

This polish comes with a two-step process, one for the color and the other for a Flexible Sealcoat, or topcoat. I don’t have the step two top coat, but I use my normal top coat and this polish stays in place and looks glossy.

I am happy to say that Orly AMP’D has lived up to their “wear like gel” and “remove like polish” claims; even without the Flexible Sealcoat, I can wear this polish for over a week without any chips and my nails don’t feel weak or tarnished after taking it off. Also, this polish doesn’t need to be removed with acetone, just your generic natural nail polish remover will do.


The brush and formula are also something to rave about. The brush is wider than a normal polish brush, so it gives an even layer and a wider range of coverage. The polish formula works well with the brush because the formula is the perfect consistency, not too thin or too thick.The only thing that is a little deceiving about this polish is the packaging; the polish color is not an exact match to the packaging.

Other than that minor detail, I am thoroughly impressed and happy with my Orly AMP’D purchase. I am definitely going to purchase more colors as well as try the Flexible Sealcoat.

The color I have on right now is called Speakeasy. I absolutely love this color. It is the perfect nude for every season. I only needed two coats of this color; sometimes I go topcoat-free with this polish, because it can withstand everyday life without the need for extra protection and shine.

I would highly recommend this product! It is exclusive to Target and it is an amazing cruelty-free brand for nail polish. I hope you all enjoyed this nail guide to Orly AMP’D, I will see you all tomorrow for Blogmas day 14!! Have a wonderful rest of you day!

All the Best,



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