‘Tis the Season | Blogmas Day 1 | 2016

It’s the little things  in life.

Hello, Everyone!

Happy December! It is the first day of the month which means the first day of Blogmas!

The festive spirit, at least in my case, always takes over during the last couple months of the year. Cafés bring out the peppermints and pumpkins, and department stores begin their annual Christmas decorations. In my life, I transition into a joyful mood, not that I am “un-joyful” otherwise but you know what I mean. Anyone who knows me can tell you that when October comes around I am in a full autumnal frenzy: decorating my room, only buying festive tasting foods, and stocking the cupboard with anything that remotely sounds like “Pumpkin Spice”. Basically, I go crazy. I am sure my mother can attest to this 🙂 And when November arrives, the warmth of Thanksgiving takes this craziness to a whole new level. It is typically the last day of November or the first day of December that I purchase our family Christmas tree with one of my good friends. Throughout the last half of the year,  I usually accompany my text messages with emojis of Santa and Christmas Trees. I always get texts back saying that it is August and that I need to calm down on the Christmassy-ness. (Haha but jokes on them, I will never give it up 🙂 )

The best way to feel the festive season is to drink it, this sounds weird but it is not until the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Peppermint Hot Chocolates get re-introduced that the festive season commences. The Ultimate destination for such festivities is Starbucks. When there is even a slight drop in temperature, I can assure you that I will be prepared with a festive Hot Chocolate in hand. This year, I discovered a whole new festive Starbucks flavor that will truly be the cherry on top of this season. One word: Gingerbread. Yes. This is a thing at Starbucks. You can Gingerbread anything you wish to at Starbucks: Gingerbread Lattes, Hot Chocolates, Mochas…the sky is the limit here. My personal favorite is the Grande Soy Gingerbread Hot Chocolate with No Whip, it is the perfect drink for this time of year. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Starbucks near my apartment; it is quite out of the way, so I can only have this when I make the journey to my hometown. If you do have a Starbucks near you, I recommend this new discovery with 5 stars. If you are not a Gingerbread kind of person, I’m sorry (but, you should just try it anyways, it might change your mind). It is currently cold and misty here and I am miss my Gingerbread Hot Cocoa, but tea will suffice until I can get my hands on the nearest Starbucks.

I hope this inspires you to go out and try this new twist to a traditional Starbucks drink. It will truly add joy to your day and more merriment to this festive season. Let me know if there are any other hidden secrets of Starbucks, festive or not, I would love to know!! I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the day! I will talk to you all tomorrow for Blogmas Day 2!!

All the Best,



***this post is not sponsored by Starbucks***




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