Festive Talk & Special Announcement

“No one is you, and that is your power.”  -unknown

Hello, Everyone!

Before we talk about Thanksgiving, what would a post be without a little talk about some good tea?! So, I discovered a new hot drink that is not only greatfullsizerender-2-copy tasting but great for the body and health: all you need is a wedge of lemon, a mug of hot water, and a couple cloves. And there you have it. It is suppose to be good for cleansing the body and supports great digestive health. So, If you want something light to drink that tastes good, but isn’t strong like coffee or tea, here is your drink!

Now, Thanksgiving. As Thanksgiving was winding down and everyone had survived the annual food comasfullsizerender-3, I was sat by the fire thinking and observing the world around me. It is a humbling experience sitting back and taking it all in: people laughing in the kitchen, new mothers rocking their baby, and the smell of apple cinnamon filling the air. The annual Pictionary war and festive table setting always bring the seasonal feelings around.

Now it is all over. So I am sat on the couch, most people still sleeping, wishing that tomorrow was not Monday and that we could pause time, fullsizerender-4and this weekend can go on for a tad bit longer.

But the good thing about one event ending is that there is always something else to look forward to. So, here is my new countdown: there are only three more weeks until finals are over and I can lie around in sweatshirts and be lazy, and eat food all day, and watch the Hallmark Channel from day to night. But until that time I will be on Pinterest, living my festive dreams through holiday pins and pinning festive food, and looking forward to the festive occasions ahead.

To contribute to this festive time, it is time for the”Special Announcement” that I mentioned: I am so excited to announce that I will be doing Blogmas this year! If you have never heard of “Blogmas”, it is a blogging/vlogging event where bloggers or vloggers post everyday until Christmas Day (so basically, 24 posts in December). I am super excited! I hope you are able to join me on this adventure. Let the festivities commence…

All the Best,



PS. If you want to be updated on the festivities I have planned, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! (Links are on the last footer) 🙂

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