Bath & Body Works | Favorites | Winter Edition

“We are all like a snowflake: all different in our own beautiful ways.” ~ Unknown

Happy November, everyone!!

I am so excited to share  my favorite Bath & Body Works winter scents. Yes, I know that Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived, and Halloween was just yesterday but cozy scents are for every season. Today, I will be sharing my most favorite winter scent (that may even be my favorite B&BW scent of all time), as well as my favorite winter holiday candle.

Let’s first talk about my favorite scent, not only does Bath & Body Works win the award for the best seasonal selections, they also have the most interesting names when it comes to releasing fragrances. Snowflakes and Cashmere. That is my new favorite img_4145scent, although I can’t quite link the name to the scent, as snowflaky-cashemereian aroma, this winter scent embodies everything I love about the season. Bath & Body Works describes this scent as so, “Cozy up with a warm blend of cashmere cream, shimmering vanilla & frosted clementine”. Ummm…Yes please! I can say that this scent has a strong vanilla body, but is also quite spicy. The clementine is there, very subtle, but adds a drop of tart to the overall aroma. I can attest that this description is quite accurate to the actual smell of this festive fragrance.This scent is truly a winter time favorite, if you like anything with a sweet but spicy fragrance along with some fresh notes, Snowflakes and Cashmere is perfect for you. One great thing about all B&BW body mists is that it has a long lasting wear, I can spritz on the scent in the morning and by late afternoon/evening I still have people curious as to what I am wearing. I can’t wait to wear this all season long! (and most likely purchase the whole line for this scent)

Okay, next, is my favorite candle. Now, Leaves will always be a Fall/Winter favorite, but I thought that this year I need to expand my candle horizons and find a new scent to burn. This is when I came across Vanilla Snowflake (see the snowflake pattern, I guess I like the smell of snowflakes). This candle is sweet and piney, yet a very light scent. I find that winter and autumnal candles can be very heavy and sickly sweet, but this candle is not at all that. Bath & Body Works desimg_4144cribes it as so, “Creamy Vanilla, Iced Fir, Wintry Mint, Coconut Flakes”. This is so accurate to the scent, it’s crazy. The vanilla is warm but not overpowering, and the coconut is has very subtle  notes which creates this cozy scent. On top of that the mint is so slight that it is complimentary to the Iced Fir, which adds that freshness to the candle, making it the perfect winter home accessory. One great thing to note about these candles is that they burn really evenly, and actually make the room smell delicious. Please go to B&BW and have an adventure sniffing everything, it is so very relaxing and it will get you excited for the holidays.

It is safe to say that I do have a Bath & Body Works addiction, but the quality of their products and the pricing is just too good to overlook. Not only is the pricing affordable, B&BW is always having sales, so great deals are always in season. I promise, I don’t work there and neither is this post sponsored by them, I just genuinely think it is a truly affordable and good quality fragrance destination. So next time you are out and about, go check them out and let me know what you find! I would love to have an excuse to pop back into B&BW to try some new products. 🙂

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All the Best,



***Again, this post was not sponsored by Bath & Body Works.

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